What are the business models most popular digital used?

The digital economy is quite attractive for many people, since it represents the opportunity to obtain income without the need to leave home, but also because there have been many success stories of people who undertake this way of doing business and manage to obtain a particularly high demand, especially in large cities.

There are a great variety of ways to create a digital company, some of them are more complex and require more effort than others, however, all of them are intended to fulfill their function effectively, as well as to guarantee their clients access to goods. or services in a more dynamic way, that is why today we are going to show you two of the most used virtual entrepreneurship models.

Subscription: Obtain fixed monthly earnings

The means of digital entrepreneurship used by streaming platforms, as well as some companies that provide certain services, is the subscription, in which the client pays a fee from time to time, usually monthly, since Instead, the company provides you with entertainment, health, or whatever the offer is in the market.

Subscription is an excellent way to generate income through digital entrepreneurship since offers of multiple benefits can be advertised by paying only a fee that does not have a very high value, the secret of this business model is that, the more people access to subscribe, the higher the profits.

Such is the case of some elderly care Mexico, which offer other types of services in exchange for a single monthly payment, among these can be highlighted babysitters, tutoring, among others, this has made the demand for these companies diversify because it is not only people who need to care for an elderly person who request the subscription, but also those who have other types of needs.


Marketplace: Bring companies closer to their customers!

Known technically as “Peer to Peer” (abbreviated P2P) it is about creating a platform through which affiliated companies can easily contact customers in exchange for the entrepreneur receiving a certain percentage of the profits, applications such as Rappi, Uber Eats , among others work through this model.

Logically, the Marketplace is limited to food businesses, in fact, this concept is quite versatile, since integration platforms of this style can be developed but exclusively oriented to certain products or even services such as the repair of electronic devices .

If we talk about benefits, health is one of the most important, that is why many professionals specializing in dental implants Tijuana have partnered with software engineers to develop both mobile and web platforms in which they offer medical assistance to patients. people who need it.

As you can see, creating a digital business is a slightly simpler task than doing it in the most conventional way, although logically it requires effort and cunning, we guarantee that these ventures are extremely profitable!

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